“I truly believe that just about every person in the world already has the values they need to care about a changing climate. They just haven’t connected the dots.” 
Scientist & Evangelical Christian Katharine Hayhoe, 2018 TED Talk

Studies have shown that, once 3.5 percent of a population becomes sustainably committed to nonviolent mass movements for political change, they are invariably successful. That would translate into 11.5 million Americans on the street, or 26 million Europeans. We’re a long way from that, but is it really impossible? Let’s not bet against humanity’s ability to transform itself or nature’s powers of regeneration. Let’s wake up, wake others up, and grow the movement for a livable tomorrow!

What will you say to your grandchildren?

EcoWatch—APRIL 17, 2019 The fate of future generations is at stake, and each of us needs to be prepared, one day, to face posterity — in whatever form that might take — and answer the question: “What did you do when you knew our future was on the line?” READ MORE


#1—Start talking about the climate crisis and our moral imperative to act!

We were all taught that talking about politics and religion is impolite but avoiding these conversations at a time when we need people to wake up to the urgency of the climate crisis is a mistake. LEARN HOW & WHY TO TALK ABOUT THE CLIMATE CRISIS

#2—Participate in direct action, like the Sept 20th Climate Rallies

Support youth climate strikers by attending, or better yet, helping to organize a Global Climate Strike after school rally on September 20th and stay tuned for other direct action invitations! LEARN MORE

#3—Join the Coalition of Local Youth Climate Action Supporters

You, your business, and/or your organization can officially endorse the local youth climate action movement by joining our Coalition of Local Youth Climate Action Supporters. SIGN UP HERE!

#4—Help your school, workplace, and/or community to be climate friendly

Find out how your school, workplace, and/or community are or are not addressing climate change and then encourage them to step up their game by sharing examples of best practices. View sample student government, school board, PTA, and teacher’s union resolutions at SCHOOLS FOR CLIMATE ACTION.

#5—Spread the word by sharing content from S.O.S. Climate!

Join our mailing list and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter. Forward emails to friends and family and share posts to your feed(s) to help inform others. JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST!

One person can start a divestment campaign

TED Talks—JULY 18, 2016 As part of Fossil Free Berlin, Ella Lagé is campaigning for the city of Berlin to divest its capital reserves from the fossil fuel industry. In 2016, she funded an association and recently launched a platform for members of German pension funds to demand divestment of their pensions. 

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