The DNC will vote on whether or not to hold a support a Climate Debate for Presidential Candidates at their meeting in San Francisco on August 23rd. Please contact every Democratic leader you can ASAP to tell to support a climate debate!

Call, email, or Tweet today to tell your U.S. Senators and Representatives we need them to back a bold Green New Deal. Ask leaders at all levels to take the No Fossil Fuel Pledge. Ask state-level leaders to support a California Green New Deal and Blue Economy improvements to protect coastal communities. Encourage local leaders to reevaluate local climate action plans to ensure they meet the scope and scale of change outlined in the U.N.’s October 2018 IPCC Report.

Contact Your Elected Officials!

Enter your street address to find your federal, state, and local elected leaders.then contact them to share your thoughts on creating a livable future. CLICK HERE TO FIND YOUR LEADERS NOW!

Sign and share petitions below and check back for new ones!

Momentum for a climate debate is growing fast. Fifteen Democratic presidential candidates have joined our call, including Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.1 So have the USA Today Editorial Board2 and the Miami-Dade Democratic Party.3

“I pledge to not take contributions from the oil, gas, and coal industry and instead prioritize the health of our families, climate, and democracy over fossil fuel industry profits.” 

The Act sets statewide targets to reduce single-use plastic waste, and makes sure the waste we do generate is actually recycled. California is ready to rise to this challenge.

Tell Governor Gavin Newsom to join activists, communities like Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo in leading California toward a more equitable, sustainable future

Some of the biggest brands in the world, like Nestlé, Unilever, and Mondelez profit from forest destruction. These companies must end “business as usual” to avoid the worst effects of climate chaos.

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