People and governments around the world are stepping up to combat the climate crisis. From Columbian children who won a lawsuit to protect their rainforest to the Chilean Government going “all in” on solar power, the stories below are just a small sample of worldwide hopeful developments. 

Germany is quitting coal for good!

The YEARS Project—JANUARY 31, 2019 The German Government welcomed an official proposal to phase out coal-fired powerfrom the country’s energy mix no later than 2035-2038. Given ongoing cost reductions in renewables and growing demand from businesses to be powered by clean energy, the market will likely deliver the end of coal in Germany earlier than is currently thought possible. READ MORE

Columbian youth won a a lawsuit to save the Amazon

The YEARS Project—APRIL 20, 2018 Deforestation in the Columbian Rainforest rose 44% between 2015 and 2016. When these kids saw their government failing to tackle climate change, they stood up and fought for their future. They sued, they won, and now it’s time for change. The judges ruled that the rainforest was subject to the same rights as any person.

Chile is leading the way with solar power

Climate Reality Project—NOVEMBER 2017 Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore shares how portable solar panels are helping people in Africa, India, and other places not yet connected to power grids use electricity for the first time and the fact that Chile is one of the world’s leaders in clean renewable energy. The green industry is helping the country’s economy grow by attracting investors. 

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