Do the daily climate change headlines make you feel stressed, afraid or powerless? If so, you’re not alone. A growing number of people report feelings of loss, grief, worry and despair amid news that climate change is making natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires worse and more common, that polar ice is melting faster than we thought, and that we have little more than a decade to prevent the most catastrophic effects of climate change. EcoWatch—JULY 9, 2019 READ MORE

Is Climate Change Our Next Mental Health Crisis?

Psychology Today, May 01, 2019—Stress, anxiety, depression. Post-traumatic stress disorder and suicide. These are the potential mental health effects of climate change. Six in ten Americans are now either Alarmed or Concerned and the numbers keep growing—those who are Alarmed doubled since 2013 and grew 8 points since March of 2018. READ MORE

Two young people walking to bring awareness to the connection between our planet's health and mental health issues

Sole Freedom—Canyon and Hannah believe climate change and mental illness are two complimentary epidemics that need to be addressed. With simple smiles, deep conversations, and sustainable living practices, they plan to make a difference across the United States! READ MORE

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