Nearly half of the U.S. population lives in or near coastal areas and the majority of the nation’s economic activity is now located in our coastal states. The Green New Deal needs to prioritize the sustainable use and preservation of the marine environment – called the “blue economy.”

Key Priorities of the Blue Economy

1. Reform of the FEMA National Flood Insurance Program
2. Invest in coastal infrastructure 
3. Develop national guidelines for offshore renewable energy 
4. Fund aquaculture research & development
5. Protect local fishing communities
6. Set new standards for ports and shipping
7. Expand the network of Marine Protected Areas
8. Revise National Disaster Response System

Why a Green Climate Deal Needs More Blue

Sea Technology—APRIL 3, 2019 From Texas to Alaska, Saipan to the Florida Keys, sea level rise and intensified hurricanes are making our coastlines more dangerous and unstable. Most of the U.S. population and economic activity is located in coastal states. We need to put the “blue” front and center in  the proposed and widely discussed Green New Deal (GND). READ MORE

Putting the Blue in the Green New Deal

MARCH 13, 2019 David Helvarg, executive director of Blue Frontier, an ocean conservation and policy group and Jason Scorse, Chair of the International Environmental Policy Program and Director of the Center for the Blue Economy at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, suggest a series of policy and investment priorities for incorporation of the blue economy into the Green New Deal. READ MORE

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