One June 1, 2017 President Trump announced his intent to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement. The Trump Administration has rolled by many environmental protections. In May, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo praised the Arctic region—and its rapidly shrinking levels of sea ice—for its economic opportunities, despite continued warnings about the catastrophic effects of climate change.

Fortunately, the U.S. can not formally withdraw from the agreement until the day after the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. Americans need the Presidential Candidates to engage in a debate about how our economy, immigration, healthcare, and other major issues will be impacted by the climate emergency. ASK DEMOCRATS TO SUPPORT A CLIMATE DEBATE!

The case for a U.S. Presidential Climate Debate

Grist—JUNE 25, 2019 Candidates and activists are pushing for a Democratic presidential debate on climate change. The DNC has finally agreed to vote on holding one at their meeting on August 23rd in San Francisco. 

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) scheduled a vote on a #ClimateDebate for August!

On August 23rd, at the Democratic Party National Meeting in San Francisco, representatives from around the country will vote on a resolution calling for the Democratic Party to either host a climate debate or stop preventing any independent climate debates. August’s meeting is our best opportunity to push the Democratic Party to host a climate debate. And it’s probably our last. Contact the DNC in support of a #ClimateDebate HERE. Contact the DNC representative for your district HERE.

A Climate Voter’s Guide to the Primary Contenders’ Track Records and Campaign Proposals

JUNE 25, 2019 The ability of the U.S. to withstand this ever-worsening crisis hinges on the next president’s ability to lead the nation towards solutions. READ MORE

Which Leaders and Candidates Have Signed the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge?

“I pledge to not take contributions from the oil, gas, and coal industry and instead prioritize the health of our families, climate, and democracy over fossil fuel industry profits.” READ MORE & URGE LEADERS TO SIGN

New online tool helps communities prepare for coastal flooding

The Coastal Inundation Dashboard brings together real-time water level information, 48-hour forecasts of water levels, storm surge and historic flooding information into one online tool to help decision makers as well as coastal residents understand both short-term risks such as an approaching hurricane or nor’easter, as well as longer-term risks like high tide flooding and sea level rise. TRY THE DASHBOARD

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